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英语口语中经常使用Phrasal Verbs,而且使用Phrasal Verbs显得更自然。

come along
turn up 1.turn up the TV.2. arrive
get on
wander around
look for
take off
head off = leave
be dying for
run out of
pop out
pick up = buy/collect
stop by
put on

1. About Phrasal Verbs
(2)一个Phrasal Verbs,多个意思。

2.Phrasal Verbs VS. Normal Verbs

许多Phrasal Verbs与另一个Verb意思相同,有些则没有。

look for = seek
go on = continue
put in = install
fill in = complete
make up = invent

(1)但也要注意他们不是完全一样,install 可以安装空调,洗衣机,及软件,但put in不可以安装软件。
(2)他们的使用的不同的situation.Normal Verbs太formal了,在口语中一般不用。

一个native speaker绝对不会这样说:

即使他们有相同的意思,也不可以互换,比如look for 与seek.

3.How to remember phrasal verbs using prepositions

Sales went down by 15% last year.
I'm trying to cut down on how much coffee I drink.
Can you turn the Tv down? It's too loud.

这3个out都有to many people at one time
He sent out hundreds of job applications.
The handed out immigraton forms before we landed.
The teacher gave out the worksheets.

4.Remember phrasal verbs by using context

Do you want to come along to the cinema tonight?
It's getting late,so I think I'll head off.
I think she's popped out to get sth for lunch.