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3. ramen: (方便) 拉面,拉面

So while eating ramen one night and reading a local newspaper

4. n. vt.漫步,漫游;

However, more importantly for international roamers like me is that there is NO INTERNATIONAL ROAMING


The downside is it takes a day or two for the funds to get transferred into your account and TransferWise does charge a fee (that still works out much less than the commission banks will take)

6. 无理由退款

Musician’s Friend offers free ground shipping on most orders, price matching, and a 45 day no hassle return policy.


This means you will get a lower commission, but you are more likely to sell more volume at the discounted rate.

8. gravy train:n. 肥缺; 美差; 轻易发大财的工作

They say, “Well, you got started in 2010. Did I miss the gravy train? I'm sure there's too much competition now, so I'd never stand a chance!”

9.savvy :

n. 悟性; 头脑; 机智; 理解;
adj. 有见识的,懂实际知识的,通情达理的;

Before, you had to code everything in HTML and be internet savvy.

10. purported  adj. 传说的,谣传的

It took me about six months of fumbling around: browsing around different sites, joining tons of mailing lists, watching hours of promotional videos, and following my share of purported “gurus” before I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

11.hype: n. 天花乱坠的广告宣传;

I've taken out all the hype and scam tactics that gurus use

12. 适合

The second one provides an alternative that is more suited to article writing for SEO (search engine optimization).


I'll pass you any additional information I receive on this issue. Regards, Johnnie
Hope this update is useful. I will report more as I get. Johnnie

I can be reached by cell phone at 305 923 6779 in the event of difficulties. I
will wait for you in the lobby.

Hope all is well with you. I am fine, for the most part. Working 2 jobs now and will soon be getting my own place and car once again.

17.sartorial adj.服装的; (尤指) 男装的; 衣着的;
James gave him some sartorial advice.

18. blunter adj.不锋利的; 钝的; 嘴直的; 直言的
I can be even blunter because I have no dog in this fight because my law firm does not do any sourcing work.

19.rugby n.橄榄球运动;
The most comprehensive Rugby Union ticket website offering tickets to the best rugby leagues matches in Europe.

20. offset v.抵消; 弥补; 补偿;
adj. 胶印的;
Chilliprinting is a brand new online printer providing best quality offset printed products like Booklets, Brochures, Calendars, Catalogs, Flyers, Letterheads, Notepads, Posters, Tickets and similar business and marketing materials.

When I speak to young people majoring in accounting, I always encourage them to throw in a computer science minor or a math minor

22 tarnish:v. (使) 失去光泽,暗淡; 玷污,败坏,损坏(名声等)
Being unable to fulfil orders on Black Friday can tarnish your reputation and result in you losing instead of winning customers.

23.intricacies :n. 错综复杂的事物(或细节); 错综复杂
There are a lot of intricacies involved especially when it comes to quality control

24.Please Find Attached


Attach the file with no explanation.
“Here is”
“I’ve attached”
“This [X] has …”
“I’m sharing [X] with you.”
"You'll find the attachment below."
"Let me know if you have questions about the attachment."


hawkhost.com的ticket中,客服回复我: Kindly see the attached screenshot for your reference


carousel:(机场的) 行李传送带,网站中的幻灯片。
arounsal:n.(性欲的) 激起,激发; 唤起; 激起

n. (古希腊神话中的) 半神半人精灵
t.daemon = True