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The house collapsed after earthquake.(什么时间)

A little light flashes on the wall.(什么地点)

The little boy began to blush after seeing a beautiful girl.(什么时间)


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Thank you, Orange Tabby, for sharing your thoughts about learning English.(为什么)

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you can use these verbs to really level up your writing in your writing tasks on those tests

He ran so fast to get away from the arrest

Jessie is boiling water to make coffee.

she took her phone to the repairing shop

The album contains 74 minutes of adventurous music ranging from metal to progressive rock with atmospheric and ethnic influences.


(4)主语 + be + adj
A girl was quite worried because her boyfriend hadn’t contacted her for last few days

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He is so obedient that he does whatever she wants.
The girl wasn’t aware that the boy was afraid of heights.


to put something somewhere, especially in a careful or deliberate way
place something on/under/into etc. something:

Ella placed the dish on the table.

He placed his hand on her shoulder.

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, and gradually add water.




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3  其他     做  其他       

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其他            做  其他

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其实上面的at any time,就是sb do sth + 什么时间的一种形式,还有另外一种比如下面的:so you can know what to expect when you go to India.


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8.sb rcvd sth +telling .....
Charlotta Turner, professor in Analytical Chemistry, received a text message from her student Firas Jumaah in 2014 telling her to to assume he would not finish his thesis if he had not returned within a week.


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What frustrated Bernie was that he had counted on a certain profict margin, but......

10.雅思考试 李晨老师
(1) S+V+O
S+V+O, V-ing
The young people overemphasis fame and profits, fogetting the taste of happyniess.

V-ed, S+V+O
Affected by the financial crisis, the gov couldn't offered the huge amount pansion.

College students should be encouraged to engage in social activities,in terms of social experience and social network.

decouple A from B

New tech are enabling us to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation.

12、want sb to do sth....so...when.

I want you to use the information in blog post as a reference so you can know what to expect when you go to India. Of course, your mileage will vary.


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(1)大量 a host of , a body of
A growing body of rearch demonstrates that psychiatric illnesses in young people are linked with heavy consumption of social media.

(2)权衡 trade-off
If India faces a trade-off between growth and greenery, then the only outcome is that growth wins.



英语中,什么人做什么事,再说when, where,why, how.

什么时间可以引申为条件,My goal with this blog post is to educate you about Myanmar border crossings with official information from Myanmar’s Ministry of Immigration.

Take train number 12223. The train departs Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai at 8:50 PM and arrives in Madgaon Junction in Goa at 5:55 AM—a 9 hour journey.