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Which channels are now generating the most traffic for you?


1. That first year was a shock. Our sales more than doubled every single month. Business had grown so much that my husband was able to join me full time in early 2015. With the two of us, and some help from our families, Mama & Little has continued to grow at an incredible rate. Our jewelry can now be found at over 30 retailers and boutiques, including being offered at Nordstrom.com.

2.As for advertising, we went for artists on Instagram and Youtube then sponsored them to show off our product. They get our product for a great price in exchange for shout outs and general help. Social media is definitely what helped us generate our first sales and to bring in a majority of visitor traffic.

3.Via word of mouth, friends and family first, but that first online sale I will never forget. I didn't 'know' the person, I was humbled someone would have the faith to purchase. Social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google are generating the most traffic and sales. I just started Reddit advertising as I'm an avid Redditor and I think it's always wise to focus on the channels you enjoy working with first.