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ALN(Authority Link Network)的时代已经过去


什么是ALN(Authority Link Network)?

ALN (authority link network)实际上是private blog network的一个变种,ALN是免费加入的,没有任何费用,但是加入的资格是提供一个PR值大于等于1的博客。ALN的概念是将分散的站长群体整合在一起,大家各拿出有PR值的域名搞成博客,然后通过ALN这个平台提供的界面,把自己的外链发到别人博客上,自己的博客也接受别人发的文章及其上的外链。实际上,这是一种变相的link exchange。呵呵,give link for link。

最近,Google Panda 3.3更新,瞄准了专为SEO建立的一些链接网站,首当其冲的就是ALN,  ALN 里面的博客在google的收录数在一个星期内由22,954个 降到了17,657个,减少5,297个,约占总数的20%。

Matt Cutts也在他的博客中提到了此事:



In the last few days blog network has been hit hard by google, so does ALN, we have 22% de-index rate this month which is quite high, normally sites in ALN only got 5-10% de-index rate every month.

To prevent further de-indexation and to keep ALN network strong, we have decided to:

- change the number of distribution per article to 10 (possibly even lower it to just 5), this will help to lower the number of post per day in your ALN blogs, making it less likely to be de-indexed

- you can only submit the same article maximum 5 times now, in ALN 2.0 we will be adding some duplicate content checker feature which will address this issue

- possible addition of grammar and spelling checker in ALN 2.0, so no more garbage spun content will get posted

- better articles moderation in ALN 2.0

With these changes applied, we are pretty sure that ALN can get back stronger, our job is to make this network stay strong as long as possible so you can gain maximum results by using it.

Best Regards,
Maulana T