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1. Incentive

Other factors, such as the product’s average sale price, commission rate, and refund rate, should also be taken into account when selecting products to promote.

3.comply with
Display & Video 360 users must comply with this Google Ads policy.

Conversion rates can vary widely, even among products in the same niche. Things like sales copy, pricing, page layout, and seller reputation can have a big impact on how many Hops it takes to convert a sale.

This happens very infrequently and is not a problem limited to NameSilo. Please try your request again later.

6.reproach 责备
We should not be surprised either, if, in her heart, she reproached other people for not taking sufficient care of her.

7.diminution 减少
If their cooperation is gained they will not be tempted to feel the attention given to the baby as a diminution of their own importance.

8.calamitous adj:灾难的
As he comes near to adult age, his failure in social feeling will become more and more evidently calamitous.

These are posts from across the social web that are gaining traction today. Newer posts with more boosts and favorites are ranked higher.

10.is among the list of
Vkontakte is a social networking platform and among the list of top 50 social media sites that is popular in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Hi5 is a social networking platform and lies among the list of top 50 social media sites that was launched in 2003.


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