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1.chaotic streets

As the first country I visited in Asia, I definitely experienced some culture shock as I left the Mumbai Airport and walked into the chaotic streets.

2 acclimated 适应了

But once I got acclimated, I fell in love with India.


As one of the cheapest places to travel, India tops the list of most budget backpackers. Not only is India super cheap, but it has some truly tasty food and a very unique culture.

4. 一大块

As you can see here, a huge chunk of my transportation costs were trains and busses, which on average cost me less than $12 per trip. Shorter distance transportation like taxis, Ubers, and rickshaws make up the other half of my transportation expenses.



a great way to save money when traveling (anywhere really) is to take overnight busses and trains when available.


I’m talking at like a fancy restaurant。

7.酒   被禁

The one thing you need to know about alcohol in India is that it’s banned in some areas.


Finally, don’t drink the tap water in India. Filtered water is available at a lot of hostels which is okay to drink.


Be aware that foreigners are charged significantly more for entry into most temples, mosques, and forts. For example, a ticket to get into Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is $0.40 for Indians and $6.75 for foreigners.



Finally is the miscellaneous category. This includes non-food stuff like hand sanitizer, a SIM card, toilet paper, and laundry.


11. As for 至于SIM卡
As for SIM cards, they are very cheap in India. I spent $7 for 1 month of service.


I wish someone had given me the advice that Mumbai should not be your first stop on your backpacking India trip.


1. 我差一点就跨越边境进入缅甸
I came this close to crossing the border into Myanmar in August 2019

2. collateral 抵押品
The only problem: my passport was an hour south in Chiang Rai. You see, the guy who I rented my motorbike from was holding my passport as collateral.

3.from into....这里要用into
Prior to this, I had extensive discussions in Laos with my travel partner about wether it was possible to cross the border from Laos into Myanmar.

4.My goal with 这里为什么用with
My goal with this blog post is to educate you about Myanmar border crossings with official information from Myanmar’s Ministry of Immigration.

What Countries Border Myanmar
Myanmar borders a total of five countries.

6.As of
As of February 2020, no Myanmar overland border crossings are available at China, Laos, and Bangladesh borders.

截至 2020 年 2 月,中国、老挝和孟加拉国边境没有缅甸陆路过境点。

iVisa will submit the necessary paperwork and documentation to the Burmese government on your behalf.