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英语笔记(28) 日常单词

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I rip them and make them better and host them

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5.committed to doing 致力于做

Kalesafe was lanched in october 2019, and committed to being your preferred shopping platform with independent fashion designers.


6. circa  大约

Your low ticket price should be circa $25 and scale up from that.

7.Now that
Now that we know whick items should go in main and footer menus.

just to confirm are you referring to the product dimension that is not fitting when someone uses a phone?

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16.补动语态、recommend using

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18.why it shows this
But the question is why it shows this unrelated message error when I didn’t have any pages created. this is the first time I am creating. Does anyone know why it shows this?

19.opt out
By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. You may receive SMS Notifications from us and can opt out any time.

20.problem persists
If the problem persists you can contact Shopify support.


21.wrap up (用纸、布等)包,裹; 圆满完成,圆满结束(工作、协议等); 穿得暖和

Biden’s comment at a Tuesday fundraiser comes just a day after Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up his first official visit to Beijing.


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24.this raises
As snippets are (usually) protected by copyright, this raises the question which license would apply.

There was discussion in this question and this question about migrating to MIT license which was evidently stalled.

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27.side hustles 副业

Make $26,520 Per Month With These AI Side Hustles!

n. 马具; 挽具; (用于人,起固定或保护作用的)背带,保护带;
vt. 控制,利用(以产生能量等); 给(马等)上挽具; 用挽具把…套到…上;

Web Scraping can be used to harness this wealth of information to unlock hidden trends and patterns within the corporate world.



You'll need Python 3 installed on your machine.



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31.最大限度地利用\充分利用某事物 get the most out of sth
Below is a list of recommended plugins to install that will help you get the most out of Recipe Bites.

32.spruce up 打扮; 装扮;
Manually reviewed my other blogs to spruce up the content and re-focus my on-page SEO efforts.

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35. Nothing makes me happier than
Nothing makes me happier than meeting people who have never really enjoyed cooking before or have no confidence in the kitchen but are know enjoying cooking using my recipes.

36. there's no greater
I believe there's no greater feeling than getting confident in the kitchen and learning how to make healthy, tasty food at home for yourself, partner or kids.

37.thank you for.....
Thanks so much for diciding to pick up this pook.
Thank you for bring me so much happiness and for carrying our first baby into the world this year.

i am still about speed.

39. start to do, start doing
1.start to do:start to do的意思是,即将要准备开始去做某事,事情还没有做还在准备阶段。

2.start doing:start doing的意思是开始做某事,事情已经开始做了,不包括准备阶段。

This weak verb can be combined with either a gerund or to plus an infinitive: He started speaking and He started to speak mean the same.​
Note, though, that for some native speakers there is a difference between start to do and start doing:

Start to do <hasn't started yet or is in preparation>
Ex:I'll start to do that tomorrow.
Start doing <has started already or is already prepared and ready to start>
Ex: I'll start doing that tomorrow.

this will be for poaching the eggs.

41.but if you prefer

i like using pre-cooked rice, but if you prefer you could cook 200g rice according to packet instructions

This unwritten law is not so rigidly observed today in the United States。

43.dials 拨号盘
You're asking for him to show you how to push the magic button and he's telling you there's no button to press, it's a bunch of levers, dials, knobs, and switches that need to be calibrated and coordinated by you and for you.


44.due to

This book isn't available for download due to the complaint of the copyright holder Simon and Schuster, Inc.

45. Cremation 火花
Cremation of dead bodies along the banks of the Ganges will have you reflecting on the shortness of life.

46.sprawling adj. 蔓延的; 杂乱无序伸展的
I describe Mumbai as chaotic, overwhelming, and sprawling.

47. Selfies 自拍
Why Do Indians Want Selfies with Foreigners?

48. 卡兰古特海滩毗邻巴加海滩。
Calangute Beach is adjacent to Baga Beach.