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Yes, need 10,000 sessions for Ezoic and I'm sitting at 2/3 of that now.

Q:Regarding Ezoic, did you reach the 10k pageviews milestone or they really removed this requirement?

A:There's a promo atm, accepting websites below 10k sessions. Google "Ezoic Access Now".


ezoic has finally removed the 10k pageviews restriction but you do have to get your site manually approved so quality content is a must


As you can see, ezoic looks pretty bad. The spike at the end of the month is from adding blog 1 to ezoic. But with 1k visits, Adsense was making at least $2-$3, while ezoic made below $1.5, so for now I will switch back to Adsense.

2. Adthrive
(1)I also checked Adthrive but requires way more traffic.

efore I used only Adesne, which was good many years ago, but now they pay peanuts...
Customer support and staff at AdThrive is perhaps the best I've even experience in any online cooperation. Very personal, fast answers, lot of insider info for members only.